Welcome to the Dementia Elevator website.

Dementia Elevator is an education and empowerment programme to help individuals, communities and health systems engage with and support people with dementia. On this site you will find a range of free training programmes and other resources which you can use to learn more about supporting people with dementia.

The main motivation behind Dementia Elevator is to achieve ageing in place for people with dementia, by ensuring that there are people with the right skills to make staying at home a more obvious choice than is currently the case. Learn more about the project here.


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Dementia Elevator is delighted to work as key partner with the HSE Understand Together Campaign. Understand Together is a public support, awareness and information campaign aimed at inspiring people from all sections of society to stand together with the 55,000 Irish people living with dementia. The ultimate aim is to create an Ireland that embraces and includes people living with dementia, one which displays solidarity with them and their loved ones.

For more information visit http://www.hse.ie/eng/services/list/4/olderpeople/dementia/