Genio launch new website for disability, mental health and dementia resources

Genio has launched a new site called The Information Hub, This is a dedicated resource website provided by Genio which brings together publications, multimedia and events for anyone with an interest in disability, mental health or dementia.

The website contains relevant publications including books, papers and reports, legislation and policy, or news and magazines. You can browse a range of useful multimedia including websites, slides, podcasts and videos. On the website, you can also find out about events taking place which may be of interest.

Genio has developed The Information Hub in response to an identified need for a convenient way of finding and sharing useful resources which has emerged across the three areas we currently work in. While information on Genio developments will always be shared on the Genio website, Genio is providing The Information Hub as a standalone online service which is dedicated solely to displaying a directory of resources in a way which is easy for people to understand and navigate.