The Dementia Friendly Communities Toolkit – now available.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland have recently launched the Dementia Friendly Communities Toolkit. It contains a variety of key resources that will help organisations, businesses and communities to support people with dementia and their loved ones.

Access the toolkit here.

Shortlist announced for the Dementia Elevator Innovation Award 2016

Check out the eight shortlisted projects who are in the running to win the Dementia Elevator Innovation Award 2016! Dementia Elevator Innovation Award Shortlist 2016

The winners will be announced at the Dementia Showcase event in the Helix Theatre, DCU  on the 20th September.



New resource on Nutrition and Dementia by the HSE and Irish Nutrition and Dietitics Institute (INDI) now available.

This resource provides useful information and addresses common challenges around the area of  nutrition for those supporting or caring for a person with dementia. It can be downloaded from the INDI website

Elevator Dementia Awards 2015 Videos now available

Listen to the fantastic performance by the Kildare Past Times Choir at the Dementia Elevator Innovation Awards 2015. You can also hear the 2015 award winner and runners up speak about their projects. For videos from the Elevator Dementia Awards, see here

Dementia and Every Day Ethics Module ​ – applications now open!

This module will begin on the 1st of February 2016. The closing date for applications is the 16th of December 2015​

This is a blended learning module involving 2 days of in-class education and 12 weeks of online learning.  The module takes a person centered approach and covers a number of core ethical principles in working with people with dementia in a wide range of circumstances and contexts.

This module will equip students with the skills to recognise situations in everyday dementia care that are ethical in nature and how to guide colleagues in a helpful manner through a decision making process. It will also equip them with a practical and theoretical grounding in ethical decision making. There will be a wide range of topics covered including physical care and ethical situations arising. Social context and ethical issues concerning stigma and social isolation will also be central themes. Such issues will be explored from the perspective of the person with dementia, their family and communities in which these people live. The module will be predominantly scenario led, covering issues such as regarding, hydration and nutrition, continence, hygiene, responsive behaviours, pain, continence, sleep patterns and antipsychotic medication​.

Click here for more information and application details.

Click here for the word flyer for the course.


Dementia Coping Skills for Families and Carers.

This free, online training programme aimed at families and carers of people with dementia is now available! Access the programme here:

A description of the course is outlined below.

Description of the Dementia Coping Skills for Carers Programme

The Dementia Elevator Coping Skills for Families and Carers was developed to support and educate families and carers, while caring for a person with dementia.  The programme aims to enable families and carers to recognise the emotions, goals and coping strategies of the person with dementia. It will enable participants to develop a suite of psychosocial skills in emotional and cognitive approaches to support these, while practicing self-care.

What are psychosocial skills? 

Psychosocial skills involve ‘interactions  between people, to support cognition  (eg, thought, reason, memory), emotion, interpersonal relationships and a sense of control”

     Moniz Cooke, 2009

The programme was developed in close collaboration with a group of family carers who shared their experiences in a number of filmed interviews.

This comprehensive programme will require a total duration of approximately 4 hours to complete. However, the actual time to complete the programme can vary across users, as the content within each chapter is flexible and can be used as a stand-alone education.

The programme consists of an introduction and five chapters.  Each chapter is further subdivided into at least three sections.

This resource  is accompanied by a reflection journal guiding users to apply and reflect upon the aspects of the education relevant to their specific situation. Furthermore it aims to demonstrate practical and applicable skills through:

  • Interviews with family carers, people with dementia and professionals,
  • Video examples of using the skills in everyday situations
  • Exploration of theory of psychosocial approaches to support a person with dementia.

Elevator Innovation in Dementia Award 2015

Elevator Innovation in Dementia Award 2015

The Elevator team are pleased to invite applications for the second Innovation in Dementia Award! This award will be presented to a project that plays a role in improving the quality of life of people with dementia, their caregivers, loved ones, and/or health professionals working in dementia care.

Applicants across all settings including (but not limited to) home, community, and healthcare are invited to apply. The successful applicant will receive €1,000 in prize money to help develop a dementia related project or expand an existing project in a novel way.

Dementia Champions Change Project Special Award

We are also extending a special invitation to Dublin City University, Dementia Champions students who have completed a dementia care change project. The change project must be currently in operation or about to get underway. These applications will automatically qualify for the Dementia Champions award category as well as being considered for the main Elevator Innovation Award. The winner of the Dementia Champions change project award will be announced at the ceremony.


Above: the 2014 Innovation in Dementia Award winners

The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday the 2nd of October 2015.

For more information click here:  Elevator Award for Innovation in Dementia 2015 – Information Document.

For our Innovation Award poster click here: Elevator Innovation Award Poster

The application form can be downloaded here: ElevatorAwardApplicationForm1.docx 2015.

Dr Kate Irving dispells the four myths of Dementia

Listen to Elevator Project lead, Dr Kate Irving dispell the four myths of dementia in her compelling TED x talk in Dublin City University

Genio launch new website for disability, mental health and dementia resources

Genio has launched a new site called The Information Hub, This is a dedicated resource website provided by Genio which brings together publications, multimedia and events for anyone with an interest in disability, mental health or dementia.

The website contains relevant publications including books, papers and reports, legislation and policy, or news and magazines. You can browse a range of useful multimedia including websites, slides, podcasts and videos. On the website, you can also find out about events taking place which may be of interest.

Genio has developed The Information Hub in response to an identified need for a convenient way of finding and sharing useful resources which has emerged across the three areas we currently work in. While information on Genio developments will always be shared on the Genio website, Genio is providing The Information Hub as a standalone online service which is dedicated solely to displaying a directory of resources in a way which is easy for people to understand and navigate.