Everyday Ethical Care Decision Making

Level 1: Foundation Level
Level 2: Degree Level Module

The everyday ethical care decision making programme will be developed on two levels, which will highlight some options for negotiating difficulties in nutrition, hydration, responsive behaviours, assessment of pain in dementia, continence in dementia, sleep medication, antipsychotic medication, basic communication and carer support.

Level 1: Foundation Level

This resource will provide practical guidance for carers in the home and healthcare assistants who often encounter the same ethical dilemmas as professional carers and require many of the same skills. It will be beneficial in supporting a carer to see beyond the behaviour to the causes, and it is intended to give a framework with which to consider the problem they are facing and to support them in recognizing when a problem is an ethical one and give them options for enlisting help.

Medium:  This will be available as an additional chapter within the Dementia Coping Skills for Families and Carers Programme in 2017.

Suitable for: Carers of people with dementia, health care assistants

Estimated time of availability: Coming in 2017

Level 2: Degree Level Module

Building on the content of the foundation level programme, this degree level module for health and social care professionals will provide a framework for professional decision making in clinical practice.

Medium: Blended learning – online and face to face

Suitable for: Health and Social Care Professionals working in a clinical setting

Estimated time of availability: Applications for this module are now closed. The next intake will be in February 2018.

You can find out more about the course and access the application form here.