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Welcome to the Dementia Elevator website, Health and Social Care Professionals section. Here you will find a wide range of resources and training programmes on dementia. Resources range from our short awareness video and resource pack, to the DCU, blended learning degree level modules. You will also find free, online training courses for carers which will be beneficial to many health and social care professionals. Additionally you will find information and contact details for the HSE 3 day dementia awareness training programmes.

Dementia Elevator Foundation Level Online Courses.

Everyday Ethical Care Decisions (Coming in 2017)
Dementia Coping Skills for Families and Carers

Dementia Elevator Degree Level Stand Alone Modules

Dementia Champions Module
Therapeutic responses to people with dementia
Dementia and Everyday Ethics

Training Courses

General Dementia Awareness Video and Resource Pack
HSE Dementia Awareness training for Health and Social Care Professionals. (including both the public and private sectors)
Dementia Training for GP’s
Dementia Training for Managers and Leaders
Memory Assessment Training

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