Level 1: General Dementia Awareness

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People with dementia have told us how a diagnosis can result in a life closing down piece by piece, how they too have bought into the myths and misunderstandings many of us have about dementia. This video shows the impact of a diagnosis on the life of one man with dementia who, when asked to consider his future, could only see a life he had always dreaded; in a nursing home, alone and stripped of dignity and control.  His response was to close down his life. However, with the right support he gradually began to rebuild relationships, take part in activities he had always loved and recognize that he still had a life to live. Now he describes himself like an old book, a little crumpled, but really just the same.

This short video has been developed to provide us with an opportunity to reflect on our own attitudes to dementia and to generate an open discussion on the topic which we hope will help to challenge the stigma that currently exists around this condition. Please share it with your families, friends, colleagues and wider networks.

We would love to hear your opinions about this clip! This short survey (just four questions) gives you an opportunity to provide your feedback and comments.

Below this video you will find a downloadable resource pack. This can be used after viewing the video to generate a discussion about dementia in a group setting. It is suitable for all types of groups such as community and voluntary groups, health and social care professionals, business, schools and colleges. The resource pack contains questions on dementia and possible responses to prompt discussion among the group.

Questions include:
What is the main point / message conveyed in the video?
Why is Dementia awareness important?
Why might the man in the video not want sympathy?
Can people with dementia still make decisions?
If you had any of these problems how would you cope?

The pack also contains contact details of key dementia organisations, services and resources in Ireland where you can find out more about dementia. For even more resources on dementia in Ireland and abroad visit the Dementia Elevator Portal.

If you would like more information about using the clip and resource pack please contact ann-marie.coen@dcu.ie. If you have already used this video, we would love to hear your feedback! This can be provided by completing this short facilitator’s survey.  The feedback you provide will be used to further develop and improve Dementia Elevator training resources.

Our Dementia awareness video resource pack can be viewed by clicking here: RESOURCE PACK

Level 1: General Dementia Awareness
Level 2: Essential Skills for Public Facing Workers For Retail, Emergency services, Transport, Leisure, Legal and Financial Services
Level 3: Training for health and social care workers