DEMENTIA AWARENESS TRAINING FOR HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE WORKERS (including both the public and private sectors)

Dementia awareness training for health and social care workers (including both the public and private sectors)  – The expansion of the current HSE National dementia awareness programme.

The 2 day (11 modules) educational dementia programme aims to provide participants with the knowledge skills and attitudes required to deliver high quality, person-centred care to the person with dementia and their carers. This programme will equip attendees with essential skills to engage and communicate appropriately with people with dementia.  Participants must complete all modules to receive a certificate of participation.

We are currently recruiting additional facilitators to extend the programme to all health and social care workers around Ireland.

Medium: Face to face three day programme

Suitable for: All Health and Social Care workers in hospital, residential and community settings.

Estimated time of availability: Available now.

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National Dementia Programme Map

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National Dementia Programme
Level 1: General Dementia Awareness
Level 2: Essential Skills for Public Facing Workers
Level 3: Training for health and social care workers